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Lacework Alliances Overview

Lacework's technology partner ecosystem delivers amazing product integrations that enhance the customer experience. Through direct integrations with the Lacework platform via our REST APIs, outbound alert channels, CLI tools, deployment frameworks and more, our technology partners add new and innovative functionality. With the help of our technology partner ecosystem, we provide the best cloud security solutions for our customers.

Ways to Integrate with Lacework

Alert Channels

Lacework combines alert channels and alert rules to provide a flexible method for routing alerts. For alert channels (outgoing integrations), you define information about where to send alerts, such as to Jira or Slack.

Alert Channel Documentation

Lacework REST API

Lacework provides an extensive REST API for querying your security data. Lacework uses an API first development strategy. Anything you see in our UI can be queried through our REST API.

Lacework REST API Documentation

Lacework CLI

The Lacework CLI provides an interface to those APIs with the goal of providing fast, accurate, and actionable insights into the platform.

Lacework CLI Documentation

Lacework Vuln Inline Scanner CI/CD

The Lacework inline scanner supports integration with the Continuous Integration (CI) tooling to scan container images as part of the build process.

Lacework Inline Scanner

Lacework Datashares & Export

Export Lacework-processed data to either report/visualize alone or combine with other data to gain insights and make meaningful business decisions.

Lacework Datashares & Export Documentation